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Lynne M. Anderson

Born and raised in Massachusetts, I was always driven to explore any type of art. I have a great many interests but my greatest passion is to create! Throughout my life, my creative interests have included dancing, drawing, painting, constructing dollhouses and miniatures, writing poetry and fictional stories, sewing dolls, and designing floral arrangements. With an already present interest in miniatures and dolls, it was no surprise that I became so easily addicted to sculpting dolls out of clay.

I discovered polymer clay during the summer of 2003. While shopping in a local craft store, I stumbled upon the small colored blocks of Fimo clay. My initial plan was to create dishware miniatures for the dollhouse, but while playing with the clay, a small face began to emerge. An hour later, I was holding a sculpted head of an elf (photo on right). It was so much fun to create the tiny face, and I felt driven to learn everything there was to know about sculpting figures out of clay.

At times, I experiment with making jewelry out of clay, and have made various earrings and necklaces, which made wonderful gifts for friends and family during the holidays.

Shown above: two of my good friends, Brian and Renee Mann.


Having a background in Physical Therapy, has provided me with a strong knowledge of anatomy. This has allowed me to apply this understanding of the human body to sculpting a realistic figure out of clay. My goal is to perfect my art in every way possible. I prefer making realistic sculptures and typically work from photos and paintings. I enjoy coming up with new ideas that are unique. I do not wish to be just like other sculptors and strive to maintain my own style. With that said, I truly appreciate learning from others (please see my links page to view a list of artists that have inspired my work). A great deal of research and practice has brought me this far in my ability to sculpt and I expect this journey to continue for many years. Sculpting has opened many creative doors for me and I look forward to opening many more.


"As children, we love to dream and bring our imaginations to life. I hope to never grow out of that." L. Anderson